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NEWSLETTER - January 11, 2011


Happy New Year!

As we begin this new year we'd like to take a sentence or two to thank everyone who helped make 2010 a successful and exciting one. We've worked hard and have had some wonderful times in the process. We feel extremely fortunate.

As we have for several years, Jan and I ushered in the new year with an intimate New Year's Eve dinner in front of our keeping room fireplace. Click on the panna cotta if you'd like to see pictures of our feast.
panna cotta
Our 2011 Calendar of Shows and Events

As we've written several times in this newsletter,we've been reducing our dependence on shows by devoting our energies and imaginations to our website and the special events we hold at our shop in Conway. This year's calendar reflects this change. At the present time, we're scheduled to exhibit at only eight antiques shows, a significant drop from last year's eleven. We've also added a Winter event at our shop in Conway, which will round out our schedule of Spring and Fall Openings and our Tax Holiday Weekend sale. This new show, which is only a month away, will stray somewhat from our usual format. We're excited about it, and think others might be, as well. See further details below.

Our shop is open by appointment through the Winter months.

Our website is open 24/7.

To visit our 2011 show schedule page, click here.


A Special Event on February 12
Climbing the Walls?

Because of the success of our annual Spring and Fall Openings, we've been considering ideas for a mid-Winter event in our shop that could complement them. The initial impetus for this year's event, which we hope will be the first of many, was the acquisition of a significant group of paintings by Dennis Sheehan, whose paintings of New Hampshire landscapes have always been personal favorites but are a bit out of context for our England-based openings. Read more. . .

Upcoming Shows


This weekend we'll be in Wilmington, MA for the January installment of Marvin Getman's Boston Antiques & Design Show, a large and diverse show that attracts great crowds of shoppers. Click here for more information and a discount card.


One of the pieces we're bringing to the show is featured in "Look What I Found", the antiques blog by Vintage Val. If you haven't already read it, click here.

For a number of reasons, we've dropped the Concord Armory show this year, but we'll be at Tolland, CT, as usual, on February 6.


We hope to see many of you at one of these shows or here in Conway on February 12.

This Month's New Stock Listings
We've just purchased a nice group of Persian rugs in a range of sizes. If you've been thinking about warming your feet on a soft carpet, you might like to have a look. Just click on the image.

Our visit to Bruges
Click on the picture to see a few pictures of this beautiful city, where we spent a few days last October.  
Quick Links
Additional links to more than 11,000 pages and images will be found in the Quick Links box on our website.

Pippin's Page

Click on Pippin's nose for this month's image of our favorite feline. 


The Back Page
Before you go, we thought you might like a look at the window of this butcher shop we saw in Bruges. Wait a minute! That's no butcher shop! Click HERE to see what we saw.

We hope you've enjoyed this month's newsletter. If you're in the area, feel free to call to arrange a visit. If you see anything you think you'd like to own, drop us an e-mail or give us a call.


And thanks for being a customer.

John and Jan
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