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NEWSLETTER - March 15, 2011

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After two unusually busy months in our shop, March has afforded us time to undertake two or three house projects and relax occasionally in front of an open fire. Happily, our two Winter shows - Wilmington and Tolland - lived up to our expectations. But it was our shop sales, both from the Internet and at our Climbing the Walls show that made this our strongest Winter in five years.


In addition to painting walls and woodwork, moving furniture, and hanging mirrors and artwork, we're currently preparing for a buying trip to England. As usual, this will be followed by our Spring Opening on April 30 and May 1. Look for more details in our April newsletter.


To compensate for the brevity of this issue's New Listings page, we've included two dozen pictures from our October travels in Europe and our maiden voyage into film, with a link to a 10-minute YouTube video that we made in our showroom. Of course, the usual features are here as well. We hope you'll spend a few minutes with us.

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cannonballNew listings


As we prepare for our Spring Opening on April 30 and May 1, our most recent purchases are being reserved for that weekend. Consequently, we were very pleased to be given the opportunity by a friend to list two exceptional modern pieces from his home. Both are in traditional style: a bench-made cherry cannonball bed, and a crewel-upholstered settee.


Click on the bedpost for a look.

Climbing the Walls video

Before last month's CLIMBING THE WALLS show opened, we made an informal video of the shop. At the time we'd intended it as a record for our own reference, which might be shared with family members. In its edited form we think that some of our customers whose schedules, interests, or proximity kept them from the show might enjoy visiting us electronically.


The photography certainly isn't slick, but the ten-minute video gives a reasonably good idea of how the show looked when it opened on February 12th. To watch the video, just click on the thumbnail.

Climbing the Walls 

A Train Ride From Zurich to Venice


This month we're happy to share a few of the photographs we have from our European rail vacation last October. After a brief sojourn in Zurich, we took a high-speed train through the Alps to Venice. Click on the photograph to see our pictures. 

Pippin's Page 

Click on Pippin's nose for this month's image of our favorite feline. 
The Back Page

Just over a year ago, we received a strange package in the mail and had a corresponding surprise on a credit card statement. More . . . .

We hope you've enjoyed browsing this month's newsletter. Remember to mark your calendar with the dates of our Spring Opening - April 30 & May 1.


Thanks for being a customer.


John and Jan
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