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March 2011

Just over a year ago, we received a strange package in the mail and had a corresponding surprise on a credit card statement. I came across it today as I was searching my computer for an interesting Back Page and thought it might be interesting to others.

The package contained a DVD - actually what appears to be a pirated low-quality copy of a videocassette -  of a virtually unmarketable movie.

The disc inside. The film is rated 3.5 stars (out of 10) by IMDB.

When I discovered that one of our credit cards had been charged with $9.95 by "Comm-Services B", I went online to find their contact phone number. To my surprise, it was available. When I called and inquired about the charge, I was told instantly that I would be connected to the agent who would (gladly) refund our money. I did this, of course, but when I asked how they had gotten our credit card details, I was informed that the agent was not allowed to release that information. I notified the bank that issued our credit card, but to this day I have no knowledge of how it happened or whether or not the issue was resolved. I suspect that "Comm-Services B" was making a comfortable living by making small charges to credit cards, charges that might easily be overlooked by an inattentive cardholder. Beware!

If you have LOTS of time to waste, there's more about this scam here:


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