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NEWSLETTER - August 16, 2011


view from the cupola

View from the cupola

Since last month's Newsletter


It's been quite a summer, with shows on four consecutive weekends - a rare concentration, since we've cut our annual show schedule to twelve.


When the summer Rhinebeck show was cancelled (the promoter's euphemism was "postponed until 2012"), we signed up to exhibit in Guilford, CT, at the Guilford Keeping Society's one-day outdoor show. It felt like old times. We set our alarm for 3:00 a.m. on Saturday and were in Guilford at 6:00. We set up our tent and shopped the field, finding a few small items. The weather forecast was dire, calling for temperatures around 100 degrees, which gave half a dozen dealers sufficient (in their minds) reason to excuse themselves. To our amazement, we had an excellent day, far surpassing the gross of our three most recent Rhinebeck summer outings, at a tiny fraction of the expense.


On the following weekend we traipsed to Woodstock, VT for the Vermont Antiques Dealers/Woodstock Antiques Show. The VADA show had not been very strong for us in recent years, and the controversial move to Woodstock has seemed only to exacerbate the issue. Feeling that this might be our last VADA show, we decided to let out all the stops, advertising in the Antiques and the Arts special show section, bringing our very best things, and promoting the show in every way we could. We even rented a trailer for the weekend, so that we could bring an impressive 18th century pewter dresser as the focal point of our booth. At the end of the show on Sunday, our gross sales were seven dollars below our show expenses. We've decided not to return to Woodstock.


Our third show was the Little Compton Antiques Festival in Rhode Island. While the final sales figures showed a small profit, we think that in 2012 we'll exhibit at another Ferguson and d'Arruda show in Tiverton, only a few miles away and less costly.


We finished the four-show run in Conway with our annual Tax Holiday Weekend Sale. As we have done for three years, we marked down everything in the shop and on our website by 20%, with special markdowns - as much as 50% - on many other pieces. The special markdowns were announced in an e-mail that went out at 6:00 on Friday evening. By bedtime our sales had exceeded those of the Vermont show, and by the end of the weekend we'd had our second best show of 2011. (Only our Spring Opening was a little better.)


We've decided to extend this sale through the month of August. Look for details below.


While July and August were busy months for our business, we found time to complete several house and barn projects that have languished on prior "Things to Do" lists. We replaced the cedar fence that surrounds the mowing next to our house, recycling the old rails as a zig-zag fence behind our workshop. The fences looked so good that they inspired us to clear the brush that had grown up on three sides of the barn, install a new side door garden and lamp post (see related story, below), and dress the paths in our kitchen and front gardens. The slate roof on our barn had needed minor repair for a few years. We hired a roofer to replace nearly one hundred missing or broken slates. We then worked with him to restore our cupola: him on the roof, the two of us on the ground, cutting and painting lumber. You'll find a link to a few pictures of this project in this newsletter, too.


We've also found time to relax, do a little reading, and plan our next visit to England in the fall. It's been a great summer.

Tax Holiday Sale Continues


The success of our recent sale weekend has inspired us to continue the sale through the remainder of August. Prices on everything will be reduced by 20%; all Chinese furniture, by 40%; all rugs, by 25%. We've also made special discounts on dozens of pieces, which may be seen by clicking on this link. Sales tax must be added to Massachusetts sales, but items shipped out of state are tax free. Drop us an e-mail or call at any time to inquire about any piece.


Our Conway shop is now open on Sundays from 10:00 until 4:00. For a complete calendar of shows and shop hours, click this link.


The next big event in our shop will be our annual Fall Post-England Opening on November 12 & 13. Details will be announced in our October Newsletter.



This month is pretty quiet on MaggsList. To see current listings, or if you'd like to sell something here, click on this picture of John.

The Golden Ball Tavern Antiques Show
 Golden Ball Tavern
On September 24 we'll return to Weston, Massachusetts for the 2011 Golden Ball Tavern Show. Click on the picture of this wonderful historic building for more about this great little show. 
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Additional links to more than 11,000 pages and images will be found in the Quick Links box on our website. 
Restoring our Cupola
barn with restored cupola  High atop our barn sits this distinctive cupola, one of several examples of its type found in and around Franklin County. In recent years its condition had begun to deteriorate. This summer we decided to return it to its original condition. Click on the picture for a few shots taken during the project.
Our new post lamp
 Post lamp


Our friends Tom and Kathy had just left our shop, where we'd been enjoying a bit of custom and companionship, when we heard a crunch, followed immediately by a crash.


Click on the picture for the story.

Pippin's Page 

Click on Pippin's nose for this month's image of our favorite feline. 
The Back Page
As one can see in the picture at the top of this page, we've replaced our aging cedar fence. The project left us with a heap of weathered rails that were just too beautiful to throw away. We decided to recycle them into a traditional "zig-zag" fence at the rear of the barn. We're very pleased with the result. Click HERE if you'd like to see for yourself.

We hope you've enjoyed this month's newsletter. Remember, our big August Sale will continue through the month. We're now open on Sundays through September and would love to see you. If another day works better for you, please e-mail; we'll be more than happy to arrange a time.


And thanks for being a customer.  


John and Jan
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