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NEWSLETTER - September 7, 2011


Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene floods our pasture

Since last month's Newsletter


 It surely has been a summer of extreme weather: a tornado that devastated parts of Springfield, Munson and Brimfield on June 1st, an earthquake of far less consequence on August 23rd, and Hurricane Irene, which caused massive destruction along the Atlantic seaboard and into New England. The center of the storm passed only a few miles west of Conway, causing severe flooding in the center of town and in several other towns in the immediate area. The devastation of bridges, roads, and farms in the Berkshires and in Vermont has been widely covered. One need only to look at pictures of the destruction to realize how lucky we were to have been spared. 


The 10 inches of rain that fell during the storm flooded our basement, but our sump pump was able to keep it under control. Although our generator was ready for an extended power outage, with 30 gallons of fuel on hand, our electrical power was never interrupted. We were as prepared for the storm as it's possible to be and, as Murphy's Law would dictate, the crisis never came to our doorstep. We're thankful for that and grateful for the many calls and e-mails we received from concerned family and friends.


Now -- on to business.


A glance at our website galleries will give an idea of how successful August was for us. Our Tax Holiday Sale was exceptionally good, and we reduced our inventory significantly. At the moment, our showrooms look and feel rather empty, and the pages of our website that were dominated by sold items have been thinned out.


If you visit our website, you'll find that, beginning this month, we've eliminated our American and Chinese Furniture galleries and incorporated the few remaining pieces from those genres into a generalized "Furniture" page, which is - and shall be - dominated by English pieces. The listings on that page are quite sparse at the moment, as well, but we plan to remedy the weakness after our November Opening, when we expect to list several pieces of early English and Dutch furniture. In this newsletter we're featuring a group of interesting smalls that we've just added to our website. You'll find a link below.


As you scroll down this page, we hope you'll find articles of interest to you - and perhaps something to add to your collection. Have fun.

New Stock Listings


Following the decimation of our website listings after a great summer, but limited by the things we're saving for our November Opening, we're adding several interesting smalls to the website. They include paintings, jewelry, Dutch tiles, early candlesticks, treen, and tableware. A few of these pieces have been in the shop or online in the past, and have had their prices reduced. Click HERE for a look.


Our Conway shop will be open on Sundays through September from 10:00 until 4:00. We'll then be open by appointment only until our November Opening. For a complete calendar of shows and shop hours, click THIS LINK



The response to MaggsList has been tepid, at best, but we're still looking for ways to make it more effective for sellers. To that end, we've added a few small items from our personal excesses. To see current listings, or if you'd like to sell something here, click on the picture of John.

The Golden Ball Tavern Antiques Show
 Golden Ball Tavern
On September 24 we'll return to Weston, Massachusetts for the 2011 Golden Ball Tavern Show. Click on the picture of this wonderful historic building for more about this great little show. 
Quick Links


Additional links to more than 11,000 pages and images will be found in the Quick Links box on our website. 
Hurricane Irene in Conway
When Hurricane Irene passed through Conway, we - unlike many others - stayed home, allowing well-organized emergency crews to help those in need. We did, however, take a few pictures through our office windows during the torrential rain and - later in the week - a few more shots of areas of Conway hardest hit. Click on this picture of the South River to see them. 
Harvey Fite's Opus 40 Opus40


We recently visited New York's Hudson River Valley. We'd planned to visit historic sites in Hyde Park and eat at one of our favorite restaurants, but we also discovered an almost magical spot. For a pictorial visit to Harvey Fite's forty-year project, click on the picture.

Pippin's Page 

Click on Pippin's nose for this month's image of our favorite feline. 
The Back Page
Our regular visitors will know that we spend a good part of our working week in our office. Located in the back of the barn, we've recently renovated it to give us a view of the beautiful pasture to our north. Last week we began work earlier than usual and were treated to a sight just outside. Our visitors stayed long enough to allow us to take several pictures. Click HERE to see one of the best.

We hope you've enjoyed this month's newsletter. We'll soon be off to England on our annual Fall buying trip. Look for news of the trip and our Fall Opening in October's Newsletter.


And thanks for being a customer.  


John and Jan
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