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October 2011

File:Anders Montan Woman with coffee cup.jpg

Anders Montan: Woman with coffee cup

The fact that most English hotels furnish complimentary tea and coffee to guests may be the basis for our deciding to prepare our breakfast in our room each morning. We purchase cereal, juice, and milk at a nearby grocery store (by now, we know where to find them) and brew the free coffee. It's nothing like home, but it helps us keep our semi-annual trips to England within our means while also enabling us to get to work without before the restaurants open.

One evening, after dinner at a pub, we went into the shop next door, where we'd purchased milk the night before, only to find empty shelves where there had been containers of milk. In desperation, we went into the nearby Burger King - something we would never do in ordinary circs, but this was an emergency, after all. We were handed a tiny container of milk. Our relief was dispelled when  the young man at the counter told us the price - two and a half pounds ($4.00)! The night before, we'd paid 49 pence (79 cents) for more than twice the quantity.


Incidentally, The Hook Norton Double Stout, a great beer, cost only two pounds, nine pence ($3.35)!

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