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NEWSLETTER - November 15, 2011



In this month's Newsletter


If you've been reading our newsletters lately, you probably know that last weekend we held our annual fall Opening, on the heels of our latest buying trip to England. We're thrilled to report that it was an enormous success. Not only did we break our overall show sales record, e-mail and phone calls are still coming in, and our total for the event continues to rise.


We'd reported in last month's newsletter that we would be showing an unusual number of outstanding pieces culled from sources both here and abroad. We were ecstatic about the quality of what we had and tried to convey our excitement to others. Apparently we were successful because, when we opened our doors at 10:00, more than two dozen shoppers were waiting in line. It appears that their expectations were rewarded since, by the end of the first day we'd already surpassed the sales of our best show ever.


Retail buyers and dealers came from the immediate area and from as far away as the North Shore, Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania. By the end of the weekend, we'd sold nearly 100 objects, including several of the finest and most interesting pieces we've ever offered. You'll find a link below to a few pictures of our shop as it opened.


Even as we're digging out from under the pile of paperwork generated by such a spectacular sale, and putting together this newsletter, we're preparing for another show this weekend - the Wethersfield Antiques Show. Later on this page you'll find more information about it as well.


But the focus of this Newsletter is our new stock. While our sales were strong, we had so many fresh things on offer - more than 250 - that there are many great things left. We've listed and described more than thirty of the best pieces now in our shop. We hope you'll use the link below to have a look.


In addition to our website, which is open all of the time, our shop will be open next Sunday and on three Sundays in December, with special holiday offers throughout the month of December. Look for a preview of these in December's Newsletter.

New Stock Listings


Charles I  

Click on the picture of Charles I for a look at nearly three dozen fresh pieces, including furniture, paintings, jewelry, and smalls.

Notes on our Fall Opening
As many of our readers will already know, our 2011 post-England Fall Opening took place last weekend. The response was overwhelming, and sales were amazingly strong. Eighteen pieces of furniture left the shop, along with scores of paintings, jewelry, and smalls. It was a breathless weekend and one that we'll remember long and gratefully.
While it's easy to assume that everything good sold during those frenetic first hours, this is rarely the case. It certainly is not in this instance. We began with so much outstanding stock that our shop is still well supplied with great pieces of all types. Don't take our word for it; click on the picture above to see what we're talking about.



Nothing new in MaggsList this month. To see current listings, or if you have something you'd like to sell, click on the picture of John.

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Pippin's Page 

We're all head over heels after our successful weekend -
and Pippin is no exception.
Click on his nose to join in the mirth. 
The Back Page

Last month, with our buying behind us, we took a few days off for a mini-vacation in London. Highlights included a full day in the National Gallery, an afternoon at Sir John Soane's captivating house/museum, and lots of good food. (Yes, you can eat very well in England) But for picture taking, there's hardly a better spot in the city than the top of the London Eye. Click the picture for a unique view of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

We hope you've enjoyed this month's newsletter. If you can't come to our November Opening, look for new stock listings in November.


And thanks for being a customer.  


John and Jan
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