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NEWSLETTER - January 10, 2012


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Happy New Year from Pumpkin Hollow

In this month's Newsletter 


Many of our readers know that we celebrate the New Year's Eve with a feast for two, the culmination of not only the year, but of a day spent cooking together. This year's meal was a seven-course affair, accompanied by three fine ales. As has become our custom, we've included a few pictures and a menu in our first newsletter of the year.  

Our second feature describes some of the changes we'll institute for 2012, including our schedule of antiques shows, some financial and technological improvements, and a decision to offer free shipping on much of our inventory. 
We've beefed up our stock galleries with new listings and the integration of dozens of pieces from our December specials pages. 
Of course, you'll find Pippin's Page and The Back Page right where you left them. 
We hope you'll have a look at what interests you. 


New Listings for January



We've listed a number of fresh pieces in this Newsletter. The bird on this seventeenth century backstool cautions you not to miss out.

So - click the picture now, rather than grouse later.

-- Our next show --
The Boston Antiques and Design Show
 On January 21 and 22 we'll return to Wilmington to exhibit at Marvin Getman's large and diverse semi-annual show in the Shriner's Auditorium. We've always enjoyed this well-run and effectively promoted event.
At this show we plan to utilize QR codes to supplement descriptions on certain pieces. Be sure to bring your smartphone! 
For more show details and a printable discount card, click here.
Our New Year's Eve Dinner
Sixth course
 In recent years we've spent the last day of December in our kitchen, preparing an evening meal for two. More recently, we've begun sharing pictures of our dinner in our first Newsletter of the new year. This year's dinner included some of our favorites as well as a few newly discovered or invented dishes. We invite you to join us by clicking on the picture above.
What's new for 2012
 The beginning of a new year seems as good a time as any to look forward, assessing the successes and disappointments of the past year and tweaking our design for what may lie ahead. This year we'll make a few changes in the way we do things, including changes in our show schedule, free shipping on certain pieces, PayPal, and QR coded links. For a preview, click on the QR code, above.




When we began MaggsList last year, we'd hoped that it would serve as a helpful resource for customers wishing to downsize or upgrade. It was meant as an alternative to accepting pieces on consignment, where they most often languished in our shop, since we were reluctant to bring them to shows where they would consume space more appropriately filled with things we owned. 

Unfortunately, MaggsList never did what we'd hoped it would do. Only a few pieces ever sold and, we must confess, they were all pieces from our personal collections. And, as with consignments, large pieces simply didn't sell.
So, we've decided to retire MaggsList. Just before we announced this change, two friends asked us to list pieces, and we're happy to do so. The pieces include two oak coffers, a pine two-drawer blanket chest, a Sheraton side table with drawers, and two pairs of mirrored sconces. These will be our last entries in MaggsList. We cannot accept additional pieces, and these new ones will, if unsold, be retired at the end of February.
To see these new listings, click on the picture of John.
Quick Links


Additional links to more than 11,000 pages and images will be found in the Quick Links box on our website. 

Pippin's Page 

Click on Pippin's nose for this month's image of our favorite feline. 
The Back Page
One more photograph from New Year's Eve, and a wish for all in 2012.

We hope you've enjoyed our newsletter. Thanks for being a customer.  


John and Jan
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