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NEWSLETTER - February 7, 2012


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This is the first winter during which we're having no regular open hours and no special event like last February's Climbing the Walls show. We've consolidated our inventory into our heated showroom, which can be warmed in less than an hour to be ready for the occasional shopper. So far, this approach seems to make sense. Our shop and Internet sales for January topped last year's by a significant margin, and our fuel bills have dropped.


This decision to consolidate makes these monthly newsletters vital to our business, so we're hoping to keep them full of interesting items. This mid-Winter edition contains new stock listings, information on this weekend's Tolland show, a short piece on last month's Wilmington show, a menu idea for weight watchers like us, and this month's installments of Pippin's Page and The Back Page.

We hope you'll find something to capture your fancy and that you'll spend a little virtual time with us. Happy Reading!

New Listings for January 

oak lowboy

We've listed several fresh antiques in this Newsletter, including four pieces of 17th- and 18th-century furniture, a Dutch painting guaranteed to make you think of Summer, seven rugs, some old, some new, to help keep your feet warm, and a link to our popular tapers, for quiet evenings at home. Click on the lowboy if you'd like to have a look.

-- This weekend --
The Tolland Show
One of the best small shows in the east - a one-day affair with great dealers, comfortable surroundings, and fair prices. If you've never been, click here for details.
Greater Boston Antiques and Design Show
The Wilmington show is one of only two Winter shows remaining in our schedule. It's a big show, and we have a big booth, entailing a significant outlay of time and resources. This year's show was adversely affected by the weather. To see how the creative marketing of the show's promoter and the resources of the Internet saved the show for us, click here.
Salad Nights
As many of our friends have noticed, for the past 16 months, Jan and I have lost weight - nearly seventy pounds between the two of us. We've now leveled off at weights that suit us well, and we're in maintenance mode. Our losses have been dramatic enough to prompt some to ask, "How did you do it?" This month we try to answer that question. Click here for an alternative to prime rib and baked potato.




This will be the last appearance of our most brilliant disappointment - MaggsList. Clicking on the picture of John (above) will take you to listings for a Sheraton mahogany dressing table, a cherry 2-drawer blanket chest, and two pairs of mirrored sconces.

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Pippin's Page 

Click on Pippin's nose for this month's image of our favorite feline. 
The Back Page
Two Delft tiles, two chairs, and two stylishly costumed chair makers. Click here for an interesting comparison.

We hope you've enjoyed our newsletter. Thanks for being a customer.  


John and Jan