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NEWSLETTER - April 19, 2012



This photograph of Boston was taken from a window of the British Airways Boeing 777 that flew us to London on April 4th. We'd gotten up at 2:30 a.m. and were on our way to Boston to catch our American Airlines flight when, at 3:37, somewhere around Holyoke, we received an email from American informing us that our flight had been cancelled!

We continued our drive and took the Logan Express shuttle to the airport. When we reached the American Airlines desk, we were informed that we'd been rescheduled for the overnight flight and would have to wait in the terminal for twelve hours. We asked, politely but firmly, if there might be another option, since we had made appointments with dealers for the next day - to say nothing of our dinner at a Michelin-rated restaurant that evening to celebrate Jan's birthday.
Thanks to a combination of persistence and good fortune, we got seats on the British Airways morning flight. We left a rather dreary Boston in good spirits and arrived around 9:00 p.m. in London.
This past Monday we left a bright and sunny London to return to a sunny, ninety-degree Boston. We'd driven nearly 1200 miles in a Volkswagen Passat that averaged fifty-three miles per gallon (Why can't American versions of the Passat do that?), visited our favorite dealers and shops in England, and amassed a collection of furniture and smalls that will fill two large crates. We expect them to be in Conway by this weekend, which will allow time to tweak where tweaking is required and get everything ready for our Spring Opening in two weeks.
It was a very good trip. Although we both came home with colds contracted from British germs that seem undaunted by our American flu shots, we never missed a beat. Our long-term relationships with English dealers are working as well as ever, and each time we visit, we add another dealer or two to our list of reliable sources. (We also add one or two preferred pubs, but that's another story.)
As you scroll down this page, you'll find no new stock; we're saving that for the Opening. But you will find a pictorial of our visit to Hever Castle, Anne Boleyn's childhood home, as well as an interesting story sent to us by a collector friend, and our second YouTube video, this one featuring Pippin.

We hope you enjoy this month's Newsletter.
Our Spring Post-England Opening
Saturday and Sunday, May 5 and 6
 In our shop in Conway 
The two large crates containing our shipment reached the US this morning at 1:49. At this moment they are being held in Newark (yet again!) by US Customs. We're confident that we'll e able to get them through the bottleneck during the day today, so that they can be delivered on Friday. We'll then have two weeks to get everything ready to be unveiled, along with the dozens of things we've set aside for this semi-annual event. We'll open at 10:00 on Saturday, May 5th and will be open from 10:00 until 4:00 on both days. Perhaps we'll see you.

No New Stock Listings This Month


Since all of our freshest stock is being held for our Spring Opening on May 5 and 6, we have no new listings in this Newsletter. But, if you absolutely need to look at some stuff, here's a LINK to our website.

A Visit To Hever Castle

Hever Castle

 On Easter Sunday, anticipating that many shops would be closed, we decided to take the day off and visit one of our favorite spots in the southeast of England, Hever Castle. While we were there, we took a few pictures of the castle and grounds, which we'd like to share with our readers. If you'd like to taste the charm that brought us back to Hever, just click the photo.

The Plane Truth
Our friend Joseph has sent us another interesting story - this one about an 18th century moulding plane he found in a little shop in New York. The plane (plain, actually) truth: Knowledge is key. Joseph tells his story much better than we can. Click here to read it for yourself.
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Pippin's Page

Special YouTube edition


Just before leaving for England, we found a group of short video clips of Pippin as a kitten, taken during his first summer with us. We've edited them into a three-minute video that proves without doubt that expensive toys aren't essential to a happy cat. In this instance, a toy mouse, a couple of cardboard boxes, and a pair of interested parents were enough. Just click Pippin's nose to join the fun. 
The Back Page
We spent our final day in England at London's magnificent National Gallery, one of our favorite museums anywhere. We took a break around 1:00 to have lunch. Following the suggestion of one of our readers, we exited the Gallery into Trafalgar Square and then crossed Charing Cross Road to the church of St. Martin in the Fields, where we ate a simple and affordable lunch in the crypt. We'd like to pass the recommendation on to our readers. Click here for a picture of the crypt and a few happy diners. 

We hope you've enjoyed this month's newsletter. If you're in the area on May 5 or 6, you might like to visit our shop during our Spring Opening. Goodbye for now.  


John and Jan
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