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NEWSLETTER - August 21, 2012


Our August Sale Continues

Tax Holiday  

Just over a week ago, we held our annual Tax Holiday Weekend show. We marked everything in the shop down by 20%, with many pieces priced at 30, 40 and 50 percent off. The three tables pictured above are the higher discount tables, taken after the sale weekend. We enjoyed quite a bit of shop traffic, at a much more relaxed pace than at our semi-annual post-England weekends, enabling us to chat with shoppers - something we often aren't able to do at our May and November openings.

But the astonishing fact about the weekend was the amount of online business that was transacted. Buyers emailed and called from all over the US, and our sales for the weekend were divided into two roughly equal groups - local and online. While our gross for the weekend was nowhere near that of our two openings, they exceeded the totals for every one of our on-the-road shows for the past two years. This is beginning to feel like a trend.

Since one of our main objectives in this annual sale is to reduce our inventory and raise funds for our upcoming buying trip to England, we'll continue to offer 20% on all of our inventory for the remainder of August. In this Newsletter you'll also find  new listings of offerings for as much as 50% off.

Click the picture above to see this month's new listings and discounts.

A Second Look At Our Postal Service



Despite the fact that my paternal grandfather was the postmaster of the post office in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, I've never been much of an advocate for the U.S. Postal Service. My memory still carries sharp images of the sorting room, where I worked during a couple of Christmas vacations during my undergraduate years. The most vivid of these is of a veteran postal worker throwing packages across the room, advising me that any parcel labeled 'FRAGILE' should be thrown underhand. (Click the Priority Mail envelope for more.) 

Our next show


Antiques at the Depot


Lexington, Massachusetts

Sunday, September 23

Click here for more details.

Quick Links


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Pippin's Page



Click Pippin's nose for this month's photo of our snow leopard. 
The Back Page

 Among the goals we set for ourselves for this summer was to repaint our house. We'd redone the windows in 2007, and our work was holding up very well, but it was time to paint the body and the doors. Our Connecticut Valley doorway, a flat-topped copy of the scroll-pedimented example on the Elijah Williams house in Deerfield, had suffered a bit during the harsh winters of recent years, so some restoration was in order. This week, after repainting the exterior of the house, we finally got to the doorway. We don't believe that it has looked this good for years, and we'd like to share it with you. Click here if you'd like a look.

We hope you've enjoyed this month's newsletter. Thanks for being a reader.


John and Jan
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