November 11 & 12, 2017

Our Fall Post-England Show in Field Memorial Library


Field Memorial Library in Conway


The tornado that destroyed our barn last February also took much of our stock. Once the cleanup chores were behind us, the details of our insurance claims had been resolved, and plans for our new barn were becoming reasonably finite, we began to focus on the tasks of repairing and replacing inventory. While we had initially planned to be "out of business" for about a year, relying on our Internet presence to keep us active, we have since realized that we should not wait. We miss the personal contact with customers and friends and the excitement generated by a showroom filled with fresh stock that has become the defining feature of our twice-yearly Conway shows.

So, as we informed our readers last month, we have decided to hold our Fall 2017 Show on the dates originally scheduled long before the tornado struck. When we announced our decision, we had thought that it could take place in our former workshop, which was unharmed by the tornado. But, as we began to re-decorate the space for the show, we realized that our efforts would better serve our ultimate transition into the new barn. We came to realize that the duplication of effort, first to get the space ready for the show, then to redesign everything to serve our future needs, was a waste of precious resources.

We've decided to hold our November show in the newly created Community Room of Field Memorial Library in Conway. Donated in 1901 to the town of his birth by Marshall Field, the library is perhaps the most distinctive building in Conway. The room in which we plan to hold our show is bright and cheerful, and is in the center of town, less than half a mile from our home. While it is a bit smaller than our old showroom, it offers the advantages of proximity, ease of access, and pleasant surroundings. It allows us to resume our schedule even though our new barn will not yet be finished. It seems to us appropriate to hold this show, which will bridge the gap between the old venue - Jabez Newhall's barn in Pumpkin Hollow, an iconic Conway structure - and the new - Jan and John Maggs's barn on the same site - in Field Library, another Conway icon.

Although the Community Room may slightly restrict the size of this show, our stock of freshly-picked antiques on display will not suffer. Our storage units are filled, and we expect to acquire still more on our September/October buying trip to England. We hope that you'll consider coming to the show; we'll be open from 10:00 until 4:00 on both days.

For those of you who can't come, we'll list many of these new finds in our November Newsletter, which should go online early the following week.


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