The massive 19th-century barn that was the home of our antiques business was destroyed by a tornado on the evening of February 25. In the three days following the disaster, a capable demolition crew worked with us and several of our neighbors to rescue anything that seemed of value. All of this was moved to one or another of several secure areas. During the intervening two months we've spent many days sorting through these boxes, tubs, and piles of papers and objects, cataloging what we've found, assessing our losses, negotiating with the two companies that insure us, overseeing the removal of the old barn, and designing the new structure that will take its place.

Once the initial sorting and reporting had been done, we began the more rewarding job of inspecting, cleaning, and making minor repairs to many of the pieces damaged only slightly or, remarkably, not at all. We're pleased to announce that many of these pieces have been returned to the galleries of our website. You may once again browse our site knowing that it is up to date, though still less than complete. We plan to continue to add to it as our resources permit.

In the near future we expect to post the evolving chronicle of the tornado and our recovery from the damage it caused.


Our web presence is very important to us. This website, coupled with our monthly newsletters, has expanded our business far beyond the geographic limitations of our shop and the shows at which we exhibit in the northeastern United States. It not only keeps us in touch with hundreds of American customers who live too far from Conway to visit us at home, it also exposes our business to viewers from around the world. Because we realize that an out-of-date website holds little attraction for the aggressive shopper, we endeavor to keep it as fresh as our schedules and inventory allow.

If you're a regular visitor to our website, we're glad that you've returned; if you've just found us for the first time, we welcome you to our online shop. In either case, we hope that you'll enjoy your visit.

(Most recent website update: May 24, 2017)



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