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Small 17th-century oak bible box  A late 17th century oak joined stool   Late 17th-century oak work table 
17th-century joined oak coffer  Centennial Carver chair  Early 18th-century joined oak coffer in old, dry surface  
Tall, period oak joined stool Tiny 18th-century oak gateleg table Antique oak joined stool

William and Mary side table with drawer


Large 17th century oak dresser base


Jacobean style oak table


Large, early joined coffer

A large 17th-century joined oak coffer

A lavishly carved 17th-century oak coffer


Late 17th century joint stool

A humble, early oak backstool

Antique oak joined stool

Large 17th-century oak bible box

Welsh oak chest with applied moulding

An oak “bible” box with carved face

A late 17th-century English oak bible box

Small oak bible box 

A large oak document or bible box


Antique oak joint stool

A tall, slender 17th-century oak joined stool

Antique oak joint stool

Antique oak joined stool

Late 18th century walnut bench

Antique oak joined stool

17th-century upholstered armchair

Early 18th-century side table with drawer

Georgian upholstered oak stool

Late 17th-century oak side table with drawer

A petite 17th century gateleg table

A late 17th-century worktable with side-hung drawer

17th-century oak gateleg table

A large, period oak gateleg table

Late 17th century walnut gateleg table

An early primitive oak hall table

Walnut chest of drawers

17th century oak single-gate table

An early boarded oak coffer in old, dry surface

Set of four oak Queen Anne side chairs

An elegant four-panel joined oak coffer


A small, boarded coffer in old, dry surface

Cherry slant-front desk with maple interior

A large, heavy boarded oak coffer or “sword chest”




Bench-made replica of CT sunflower chest


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A Few Recently Sold Pieces





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