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A tall, 17th-century joined stool with shaped and moulded apron 



A handsome 17th-century joined oak coffer


Antique rosewood armchair with carved splat

Antique elm long bench

Antique rosewood armchair with carved splat  
Coffee table adapted from an inlaid teak stand 

Early Moorish oak chest with brass studs

Antique elm low stand with square top


A 17th-century oak writing slope with carved face

Petite court cupboard with perspective carving and drawer

Late 17th-century oak bible box with carved face

 A late 17th century oak joined stool  

A Charles II joined stool  

Charles I joined stool

An oak wainscot armchair with a two-panel back

Early oak coffer of diminutive proportions  

Walnut side table with single drawer and H stretcher

A handsome 17th-century oak backstool

A fine 19th-century oak “coaching” table

A late 17th century Yorkshire backstool

Oak one-drawer table with straight legs                   

 Small 17th-century oak bible box 

A large, period oak gateleg table with single drawer

Early 18th-century joined oak coffer in old, dry surface   

Welsh oak chest with applied moulding

Early oak boarded coffer

William and Mary side table with drawer

Tiny 18th-century oak gateleg table  

Late 17th century walnut gateleg table

A late 17th-century English oak bible box 

Antique oak joined stool

An oak “bible” box with carved face

Antique oak joined stool

Large, early joined coffer

Antique oak joint stool

Early 18th-century side table with drawer

Late 18th century walnut bench

17th-century oak gateleg table

A late 17th-century worktable with side-hung drawer

17th-century upholstered armchair

An early primitive oak hall table


An early boarded oak coffer in old, dry surface


A small, boarded coffer in old, dry surface

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